Pay Per Click

Digital Marketing Avenue : Online Lead generation team hosts a collective 7 years experience in online lead generation along with a broad spectrum of other digital marketing roles. Our account managers are certified Adwords professionals. Like our clients we are also performance driven. By leveraging expertise against cutting edge search technology, our SEM offering will integrate with your digital marketing portfolio, maximizing your conversion potential.

Our Approach to Online Lead Generation (Pay Per Click)

Digital Marketing Avenue works with the Client to tailor a bespoke SEM program that will achieve their business goals for the least reasonable cost. Everything is achievable with the right campaign. We Support the following business Objectives through Pay Per click:

  • Direct Response
  • Branding
  • Ecommerce Sales
  • Tactical Traffic
  • Data Acquisition

Through a process of research and Development, our account manager will establish your goals and create a set of campaigns using the best channel integration platform available to achieve those goals. Our Pay Per Click account manager will be in close contact to keep you abreast of the performance of your campaigns as well as any relevant new developments in the search industry which may impact your account.

We do not create disposable, set-&-forget campaigns. Every campaign is created with a specific objective in mind and will be closely monitored and optimized until those objectives are reached. Search is not a media buy, we’ll work with you to get the results you want and won’t be satisfied until you do.

We are publisher agnostic, meaning we don’t just operate on Adwords. We will work with any of the players in the search marketplace, such channels include:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

Campaign Execution

Our Experienced account managers use extensive research to find the right keywords to maximize the ROI for your business. Automated rules are bespoke, constructed specifically by the team at Digital Marketing Avenue to drive your business objectives.

We recognize that business is a dynamic environment, and search is one of the fastest changing arenas on the entire digital landscape. We respond to changes in requirements in a timely fashion, ensuring that if your ads are running, they’re running because you the advertiser have a goal in mind and those are the right ads to achieve those goals.

Careful manipulation of match types prevents cross-pollination of keywords between campaigns and pollution of quality scores. This level of fine control enables us to ensure the best keyword shows the right ad, all the time.

Ad scheduling will drive your budget further, forcing your ads to show during the times of the day when you get the best return and preserving advertising budget during periods of lower conversion rate.

  • We have been thoroughly impressed with the knowledge, service and execution throughout the entire process. Digital Marketing Avenue has become a valued partner in achieving both our short and long-term web marketing objectives using Pay-Per-Click campaign.

    Kimberly Butterstein
  • We were impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the account managers from Digital Marketing Avenue from the very first meeting. They have provided most cost effective way to advertise on internet.

    John Baker
  • Since our association with these web experts our company production has increased significantly. I would highly recommend Digital Marketing Avenue to anyone interested in saving money and increasing their market share.